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We buy rings, necklaces, pendants, charms, bracelets/anklets, earrings, cuff links and watches; anything that is made with gold or other precious metals. Broken and damaged gold jewelry is still worth its weight in gold. So, if your items are broken, scratched, mismatched, old or new, regardless of its condition we will still buy your jewelry.

Gold jewelry is manufactured into very specific purities based on a range of factors. The most common gold purity for jewelry is 14K which should be 58.3% gold. So, if you have 100 grams of 14K gold jewelry, 58.3 grams should be gold. The rest of the materials are filler, nickel or copper for instance, used in the making of the jewelry.

Gold Purity Chart

Karats                   Gold Purity
24K                         99.9%
22K                         91.7%
18K                         75%
14K                         58.3%
12K                         50%
10K                         41.7%
9K                           37.5%

best place to sell jewelry

As you can see, jewelry that contains a higher percentage of precious metal is going to be worth more, but we do on occasion buy items that are gold filled, though these items do not contain as much gold, which reduces the price that we can pay.

Gold-Plated and Gold-Filled Jewelry? And what Is the Difference?

Gold plated means that there is a very thin layer of gold over another piece of metal – usually copper, silver or nickel. Unfortunately, we do not buy gold plated items.

Gold filled jewelry has gold that is bonded to a base metal, usually sterling silver or brass. Gold filled also uses a gold alloy that will make it stronger depending on the karat used. Unlike gold plated, gold filled jewelry has a much thicker coat, though the gold still makes up a fraction of the item’s weight.

To determine how much gold is in your gold-filled jewelry, check for a hallmark. This inscription should tell you:

  • The proportion of gold in the pieces (1/5, 1/10, 1/20)
  • The karat rating of the gold (10k, 12k, 14k)
  • The letters “GF” meaning “Gold Filled”
best place to sell jewelry

If your jewelry’s hallmark reads “1/5 14k GF” it means your item has a layer of 14k gold on the surface that must weigh at least 1/5th the total weight of the item. These specifications will help to determine the value of your gold-filled item.

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GOLD, PLATINUM, SILVER, PALLADIUM – Bring in ANY jewelry items that may contain gold, silver, platinum, or palladium. We will test & evaluate your jewelry right in front of you and make an all-cash offer on everything that we can buy. You get to see the entire process from start to finish. We are trained to show you step by step how we determine the purity of your materials and how that translates into cash in your pocket.