Twin Falls professional Source for physical Gold and Silver investment bullion. Walk in and leave with physical gold and Silver! Looking to sell Gold and silver? then get the most you can for your gold and silver. come to Blue Lakes Gold and Silver!! We post
our buy and sell price right in our store for honest pricing and fair offers. We will over pay you before we under pay you.

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Twin Falls, ID 833 01

Friday the 26th closed at 2pm

We will be closed Monday may 29th

Open Monday-Friday 10:00am to 5:30pm
Twin Falls bring us your Gold & Silver!

If you are in the market to sell you Gold or silver get the most you can out of it,
come to Blue Lakes Gold and Silver.

Gold & Silver

Welcome to Blue Lakes Gold & Silver
Twin Falls, Idaho

When buying and selling gold, silver and jewelry in Twin Falls, you want someone who is direct, honest, and fair. Blue Lakes Gold & Silver is the only professional numismatic environment that specializes in gold and silver bullion and gold jewelry in Twin Falls, Idaho.

We carry a vast selection of gold and silver bullion ranging from fractional bartering pieces to 5, 10, & 100 oz investment bars, along with 90% early American gold and silver coinage. 

Being buyers, sellers and investors ourselves at Blue Lakes Gold & Silver, buying gold and silver bullion in hand is the number one option when it comes to buying gold and silver.

Gold Half Eagle ( Indian Head)

Blue Lakes Gold & Silver Online

Blue Lakes Gold & Silver Online

We are no longer selling coins online.  We are a Gold and silver in person bullion investment shop. 


Integrity & Class

With over 34 years of combined experience, we are buyers and sellers with integrity. From family treasures to common items, we know how to evaluate the value of any item. We will provide you with knowledge of the items that you have acquired, and an offer based off fair market values and integrity, so you are able to make a well-informed decision. We never want you to have regrets, so we’re always available for questions, further appraisals, and concerns.

Visit us or call us at (208) 944-9199 today to ask about our services.